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rel. DEC.03.2009
Futurepresent CD - MAKING TYME! (DAM009)
NEW for 2010! • 15 Track CD Click "Add to Cart" to order

1. give MP3 (SAMPLE)
 2. a tale of two faces MP3 (SAMPLE)
 3. hold on MP3 (SAMPLE)
 4. who do you think you are?  MP3 (SAMPLE)
 5. patrick bishop
 6. titanic
 7. blonde 'n crossbones
 8. be minor
 9. tell me why
10. fade to mirror
11. dig your grave
12. east side down
13. communication gap 
14. scott's street
15. the jettison MP3 (SAMPLE)

2007 CD!!!
rel. JUNE.09.2007
now... and again CD - MAKING TYME! (DAM007)
20 Track "Double Album" Click "Add to Cart" to order

 1. Take It All Back
 2. Die For Me
 3. All The Away
 4. Andy Warhol
 5. Oh So Much
 6. Tonight
 7. In The Moment
 8. Nothing Can Be Everything
 9. Wonder Why
10. We're What We're Living For

11. I Fell
12. Hope It's Today
13. Think Of Things
14. I Believe
15. Hangin' Round
16. I Can See (Everything)
17. Eyes Getting Louder
18. A Minuet Twenty
19. I Am With You
20. I Believe (Recorded Live @ CBGB 7/06)

best of on CD
Originally released
Spring 1995
Re-issued Spring 2004
ordering info coming soon!
Past Forward CD - GET HIP (GH1025CD), PGH, PA
20 Track "Best Of" from MF's output on vinyl in the 80's.

  1.Live In Yourself 
  2.Open Your Eyes (1995 remix) 
  3.Just Out Of Reach (ZOMBIES cover)
  4.I Believe
  5.I Am With You
  6.Hangin Round
  7.Action Tyme
  8.Your Eyes Reflect (95 remix)
  9.Grounded (SYN cover)
10.Mary Goes Round 
11.Hope It's Today 
12.Think Of Things 
13.Eyes Getting Louder 
14.A Minuet Twenty (95 remix) 
15.1/2 Way To The End 
16.I Fell
17.Turn It Around 
18.Thee Hair That You Wear 
19.I've Got Your Number 
20.I Need You (KINKS cover)

Out 6/9/7

"Now... And Again" is ALSO AVAILABLE



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