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aLive Again fo '08!!!
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mod fun at MP3 (10/06)

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3.2020 BREAKING: MOD FUN Returns!!! . . .
MOD FUN will be playing LIVE in Asbury Park, NJ on Friday March 13th - A FREE Local Warmup show w/ the band onstage at 10:30PM, at The Asbury Park Yacht Club (on the Boardwalk, next to Langosta Lounge) DON'T MISS IT!!!!!
Thee Main event of that weekend will take place in Washington on Sunday March 15, along with DC's own Modest Proposal! ...Details at Pearl Street Warehouse (dot) com! ...Reserved seating is already SOLD OUT... Go Get Your General Admission Tix NOW!... Doors at 5pm!

6.2010 I Am With You Reissued!!! . . .
Cherry Red UK & Pennytown Sound have both relesed the song on it's 30th Anniversary!!! The British label Cherry Red includes it on their 4 CD Box Set "Millions Like Us: The Story of The Mod Revival" and Pennytown Sound has reissued the entire debut 45 with a brand new full-colour sleeve and audio remastered off the original Master Tapes. Go pick up the 45 (or MP3's) from BandCamp "HERE"

6.2010 Modsbury Park Returns!!! . . .
MOD FUN is totally psyched (out!) to announce the lineup for the 4th ever "Modsbury Park" nite, as MP3 waz, this 4th installment will take place at the greatest club on earth: ASBURY LANES (a working bowling alley, snack bar, full bar & rock-club, all in one!!!)... click the image to the left for all the details on this exciting nite in Asbury, the 1st "Modsbury" to feature a rockabilly styled act, as well as DJ Bill Luther is back & MF's Mick spinning a dub-rockers set...

5.2010 Coming (even) Soon(er) . . .
 MOD FUN has been invited to appear LIVE on the mainstage at this year's "Asbury Pride" fesival. MF takes the stage at 1:30PM (SHARP!) for the 1st time at this huge yearly (all ages!,) event in Asbury (5th Avenue @ Convention Hall, Noon-5pm.) Click for even more info.
  MOD FUN's next (club) show will be on Fri July 9th at the world famous Asbury Lanes (we're  70% done setting up support,) more details will be availabe shortly.  In the meantime BOTH new(er) cds are now available at the bricks'N mortar shoppe in Fords, NJ "Vintage Vinyl" (as well as The Record Collector in Bordentown and Princeton Record Exchange. If you can't find them in the store, ask at the counter.) Pretty much any shop in the USA can get them thru CD BABY too; but then again, so can you... have sum MOD FUN!

3.2010 Now Available . . .
Happy to announce that Futurepresent is now "live" on iTunes and Amazon (for downloads) and CD BABY for physical-cd orders!!!  or order direct thru by clicking the banner at the top (use PayPal & get free stickers & a Poster with the cd!)  Also, go check out these new reviews for the cd: Kinston Free Press & and remember to check out MOD FUN's own Mick Hale on his "interweb radio show" the WMU archive is ava 24/7 here! cheers!

Click Here 24/7 for WMU Archive!!!

2.2010 On and On . . .
Much thanx to everyone who made it to our "winter preview" shows for the new CD "Futurepresent" Check out our  YouTube™Channel for some new "live" clips from the 2 shows! . . . we'll be back at it live soon; rite now we're setting up the CDBABY page for the release & gearing up for a full-on promo-push in Spring... In the meantime, check out the new "weekly archive" for MOD FUN's own "DJ" Mick's internet radioshow The Weekend MIX-Up! (You can still stream it Fri & Sat @ 9pm & Sun @ 1&6pm over at,) but it's now (also) available here (24/7) for streaming, or (right-click) downloading 4 your audio enjoyment here!

1.2010 Hippie Nu Year, Kids . . .
The Futurepresent CD party in Asbury was such a great time, we're doing it again @ the legendary Record Collector (in Bordentown,) we're on FRI FEB 12th @ 9pm but come around early for the x-cellent, trippy laid-back "Lost Patrol" we'll be around to sell & sign copies of the new disc as well as our special set of mostly the new disc... click here to buy tix in advance (it's still in the "upcoming shows" section, so scroll down!) If you want to order the disc in advance click the banner up top...

AND MOD FUN's Mick Hale continues to host a weekly internet radio show "The Weekend Mix-Up" - tune in every Fri & Sat @ 9pm, or Sundays @ 1&6pm (click the "play" button in the blue LIVE365 box) to listen over @

12.2009 IT'S SO ALIIIVVVEEE ! ! ! . . .
The new MOD FUN video-single "Give" is now "live" on YouTube ... check it out by clicking on the image to the left... We have also setup 2 in-store "Record Release" special gigs for the album Futurepresent, which is NOW AVAILABLE only from MODFUN.COM!!! (& at the record release gigs)...1st up is Asbury Park (where the video was shot, btw!,) on "FirstNight" Sat Jan 2, 9pm we'll be live @ B Unique Clothing Shoppe (723 Cookman Ave, AP)... and in Feb we'll be @ the legendary Record Collector (in Bordentown)...

MOD FUN's Mick Hale has just started hosting a weekly internet radio show "The Weekend Mix-Up" - tune in every Fri & Sat @ 9pm, and Sunday @ 1&6pm (click the "play" button in the blue LIVE365 box) to listen over @

08, 09, 10, & 11.2009
We are delighted to announce that the new MOD FUN album "Futurepresent" will be out in December'09 - we are hoping to have it released before the 25th (makes a GREAT stocking stuffer, we might add!)... 15 tracks in all, with 11 written (& sung) by Mick; 3 (writ&sung) by Bob & one (writ&sung) by Chris!  A first for a MOD FUN release, and After hearing the results dunno why we waited so long to "mix it up" on record like this... Needless to say it's a good 'un...Watch for the 1st single to be previewed (on MySpace) 12.3.9 . . . MOD FUN also just finished shooting footage in Asbury Park for said 1st single ("Give") - when that's done in production & posted to YouTube, we will get a link on here in the meantime check out the older videos on the all-new MOD FUN YouTube channel... also stay tuned for announcements for "In Store(s)" and Club-gigs in the early new year!!!

MOD FUN will return to the small, cozy BUDDIES TAVERN in Sayreville on SAT AUG 15th, also on the bill will be our long-time "buddie" Jim Testa of Jersey Beat Fanzine fame & kosmic daydream... it's part of ""s free concert series so - NO cover!!! Good beers & food in a small pub-setting... We will play a lotta nu tracks off our upcoming release which is currently in the "mix-down" phase...check it!

MOD FUN is back at The Asbury Lanes (maybe the best venue ever?!) on Friday May 22, with the groovy Lost Patrol & CJ Grogan (who feature 1/2 of the late-great Phantom V -- longtime MF fans may recall Mick produced P5, & it was released on MOD FUN's "Making Tyme" record label in the 80's;) this is bound to be a fun-filled, fantastic, and long overdue "reunion" of sorts... also MF just got the following rave review in the local-scene giveaway "The Rag" > "I haven't  had as much fun listening to an album since I first opened up my copy of "Can't Stand The Rezillos"... This is high energy psychedelic/garage music for the roots oriented... their sound possesses a retro yet contemporary feel... elements of the british invasion (KINKS) as well as punk (BUZZCOCKS)... if you can sit still to their music, you must be dead!" Read the whole  review here (click on pg. 11 below cover.)

THE HOBOKEN MUSIC AWARDS have nominated MOD FUN in their "surrounding area Pop-Rock/Alt" category email: to vote (enter "MOD FUN" in the subject line.) AND THEN come check out the Awards Ceremony (we will be playing a live set!) on SAT APRIL 25 @ TheGoldHawk more info at the HMA's "MySpace."

MOD FUN gigged again live in March in Atlantic City, cheers if you made it to thee show... up next Asbury Park in May... The basic trax were also recorded for 13 new songs for a (yet to be titled) new album - to be released in 2009... MOD FUN has been playing some of the new songs live: "Give" - "Hold On" - "East Side Down" -  "Tell Me Why" and "Patrick Bishop" (which is actually a ressurected track MF never recorded in the 80s...

MOD FUN hit the stage again (finally!) in February, with a batch of new material!  Check out the flyers at the left for all the details (click for links.) 2 Maryland shows on 2 saturdays over 2 months seemed to us like a nice way to break back into the saddle, don't you think?  Both shows are with the Names, (from MD) and both are at great venues, to boot - don't miss these! ...cheers!

06, 07, & 08 (& 09-12.2008)
SEE YOU... IN SEPTEMBER... (or not!)
WOW! yes, it's been a while since an update - we basically took the summer off (as you can see, hehe!) a few dj spots kept "dj (mod) mick" busy, as did a solo acoustic gig for Chris, while Bob found time in between moving (and breaking bones;) to write some new material which will be included in a new set (and album) the band is working on now... there are a couple of gigs brewing for fall, as well as the recording sessions - in the meantime check out this MF video we unearthed this spring (from 1983!) for the "Real Rock TV" show - now transferred and live on YouTube!  Click the Black & White You Tube image to the lower left to go "Way Back!"

04 & 05.2008 ALL OUR BUDDIE(S) !!!
GREAT! is how to sum-up the NYC show at Crash - the open bar was amazing, the crowd young and hippiest, the dj cool, the other acts dope, all-around a buncha fun... thanks to all who came out for the gig... And Now, we'll be back at our "favourite little watering-hole in the wall" BUDDIES TAVERN in Sayerville on Sat May 10th for Lazlo's ( birthday bash with our ole', ole' buddie Jim Testa ( opening the birthday-bash... doors at 8pm, we'll be onstage at 11 -- no cover!!!

03.2008 BACK,... IN THE NY GROOVE !!!
We are really happy to announce a special show at an amazing NY club (CRASH MANSION) - with our friends in London Egg ... email "" for guest list - and there is an OPEN BAR 9-10pm, how can you beat this?  Also be on the lookout for MOD FUN on 2 episodes of Real Rock NJ TV on Comcast cable (April 1st and 8th at 9:30pm) we'll put some of it on YouTube afterwards too, . . . in the meantime DO NOT MISS THIS ONE:

Fri March 21   - NYC - Crash Mansion

02.2008 IT'S A NEW NEW YEAR, BABY !!!
Wow - My how time flies, NYE came and went with a groovy Lobster Fun show in Bergen Co. and we're back in "original" mode now for the following gig -- hope you can make it -- it is MOD FUN's 1st show in New Brunswick since the 80's !!!

Feb 27th - Harvest Moon Brewery -
New Brunswick, NJ
w/ The Anderson Council

Sorry for the lack of updates - we were busy at work with our  "Lobster Fun" gig at a secret location which went amazingly well - so well in fact, that we will be back in that "MODe" for a show on NYE!!! Next up for MOD FUN, however is the 2nd "All Mod Cons" retro-mod-garage-psyche night, this X at the CLASH BAR on Sat 11/24 -- click the flyer at the left for all the details ..

Next live gig coming at you from the LOOP LOUNGE in Passaic, NJ -- Friday Aug 24th 10pm -- great lineup, great bar, great club - don't miss it... "Now... And Again" cd's available at show, (cheep!) as usual!!!

"Now... And Again" is now "live" in the CD BABY store and "digitized" and available for download on iTunes (<-- click link to launch iTunes to download song by song, or the whole cd). You can also check out a special live-set we're doing at Buddie's Tavern in Sayerville Sat July 28th, as part of Blowup Radio's free music series... it will be a pretty different and (moddish) FUN sorta set we're putting together for this "bar" gig . . . well worth checking out if you recall the "Lobster Fun" side of MF . . . hehe!  The new cd will again be onsale at the show, too...

06.2007 HERE IT IS...  NOW !!!
MOD FUN's first release of new material since 1987(!), "Now... And Again" will be released THIS SAT 6/9/7, and we hope you can join us at THE CLASH BAR in Clifton NJ for our cd relese party on that date... we will be playing a bunch of tracks off the new cd as well as offering it for a "pre-sale" price -- doors are at 8pm and we hit the stage (early!) at 9pm sharp, so don't miss it... IF, however you must, (miss the show that is), don't miss out on the cd -- ordering info is available here (or click on the CD annime to the left of this blurb.)  Cheers!

And it's called... MOD FUN: "Now... And Again" it's the new double album - 10 new tracks (Now) and 10 remakes of our favourite classicks from our "80s catalogue"  - coming out & at you by our early (10pm SHARP!) gig SAT JUNE 9th at the CLASH BAR in Clifton, NJ (the Audio Master and Artwerks are at the plant in Canada right now, so our fingers are crossed  - and if we get them here in tyme we will do a few givaways and it'll also be for sale at a super low "introductory" price - only on that night!!! Then it hits CDBaby and iTunes for the regular $) -- 80s Punx the Victims will be on the bill, as well as a new 60s retro-surfy act "Demon Seed"  -- THIS should be one hellva good tyme had by all at the ever-groovy CLASH ... be there or don't kare!!!...

03.2007 (a)LIVE AGAIN....
We have confirmed the following live dates for spring: THUR APRIL 19th at the BRIGHTON in Long Branch, NJ with the Gore Gore Girls - we were asked to open, & decided it was a nice early night for us on a thursday (9pm sharp - doors @ 8!) plus we haven't played at the Brighton since like 1984 or something - seems a good "warm up" to get back into it...  for...  this... SAT JULY 9th at the CLASH BAR in Clifton, NJ (Fleshtones just did a smash show there, & we're set to hit it with 80s punx legends the Victims) ... more info as it happens...

02.2007 HAPPY NU SITE....
As you can see, the site has had an overhaul... check it out (new pix in the gallery, updated bio, more stuff coming soon)... ALSO the SQUIRE tribute cd is out now! It features MOD FUN's 1st recording since reforming in 2004 ("I Know A Girl") Check it out here,... more soon!

01.2007 HAPPY NU YEAR....
Lost In Tyme (Greece) fanzine #3  and comp is out now featuring an interview with MF and 2 tracks on the cd... Click Here for more info . . The IPO NY show we did in Nov. of '07 was good, and we'll be back at the live thing in Spring if all goes well... Recording now for a new full-length release (also) in Spring ... more news soon, have a good one!

11&12.2006 Holiday "Break"....
1 Live show in NYC for November and Started New Recordings in OG @ "DAMn!" . . .


"Modsbury Park" - 3rd time is a charm... to say this show was a success is to put it mildly; so many new faces, so many young faces at that, AND our 1st Scooter out front of any "Modsbury" night yet!  Over 3x entry at the door mandates we'll be doing this again next year, you betcha... Thanks to all involved, the Asbury Lanes were great to us and the Council did a fine job, as did the Pirate (read the blog for the full wrap-up here)...  Also check MF's Myspace page for more info on November shows...

MODSBURY PARK #3... MP3!!!....
Asbury Park... is the next stop on our "Slow Motion US Tour"-- we're  sharing the bill with The Anderson Council (who just gigged with THE ZOMBIES!) at the "Asbury Lanes" -- don't miss this great night, doors are at 10pm, MF's own Mick djs and there's "All night Bowling" for only $10, Snack bar, Full Bar, Cheap Hotels a block away! much more ... Click here for Sounds & more info...  

Baltimore... Here we come -- we're going to MD for the 1st gig there since we played in the 80's with Lord John at the "Congress Hotel."  This time we're off to the Reaction monthly Retro-Night and we share the bill with a few mod-ified DJs, and the sights and sounds of "Sidebar Tavern" Friday Sept 8th is the date, and 4 more info click: here!

7.2006 WHAT A SHOW!!!....
WOW!... is all there is to be said about the CBGB show a few weeks ago (took this long to recover enuff to update, here... :)  we had a blast, and from the sounds ov the CDR ov thee show - seems the over 200 in attandance did as well... cheque out the live version ov the opener "I Am With You" over at the My Space Page for the Event.  We'll try to make more live cuts available from this amazing night soon...  Up next: we hed to Baltimore on 9/8 for the Reaction monthly Retro-Night there.... Can't wait ....

WHAT A WEEK!!!....
Busy as a bee we are,.... MF did a liveset on WPRB Wed (which is archived there for streaming), & we're off to thee "big apple" on Fri for what is billed as the "last ever mod-garage-psyche-out" at CBGB (they are closing the Bleeker & Bowery location in Sept, because of a non-renewal on their lease) 7 great retro/60's influenced acts starting up at 8pm, and we're on at 11:30 + it's 16+up -- so just GO!,... CD:News, now released is the compilation "News Of the World mkII: Songs for Scootering" (which we contributed the track "Leaving Here" to.)  More updates will go into more detail on this and the following: MF live in Baltimore (@ Reaction) in September, and (drum roll please:). . . MODSBURY PARK: MP3! coming in October . . . stay tuned!

songs for scootering

WOOO HOOO!!!.... 1 DOWN 1 TO GO,
WHAT a freaking amazing tyme @ Mod Chicago, xtra special thanx (a BIG "TA!") goes out to Eric for having us there, and all the new mates and everyone who made it out to the opening night "gig" - we had an absolute blast and are already looking FWD to MC6!  UP NEXT: we headline the last-ever "Mod Garage Psycheout" on 7/7/6 at the legendary original CBGB's location on the Bowery (at Bleeker)... this is our 1st NYC show in about 20 years, and CB's will close it's current doors at the end of summer, so DO NOT miss this one! 7 retro/60's acts on the bill. . . doors at 8pm!!!

Yet A'nutter show has been added to the schedule: CBGB's presents "Mod Night 06" featuring MOD FUN... click the ad to the left for more info... we're off to the windy city first tho - so if you're in the area... check MOD CHICAGO out there . . .  also the "News Of the World" comp cd will be out by the CB's show (features MF cover of "Leaving Here") on Howitzer records outta VA...

mod chicago
We're back from TN y'all... twas a (mod) fun trip, & we will post some pix shortly . . . first - we wanna announce our live appearance at "Our Way Of thinking" the MOD CHICAGO weekender on June 1st -- more info to follow soon. . . 

Happy Nu Year to alla y'all... Guess where the next MOD FUN show will be.... Nashville! That's right, we hit the road to play the internationalpopoverthrow on March 16 (St. Patty's Day EVE.)  We are also working on some other out-of-town spots for the near future.  The new recordings are moving along also,with a new version of "99th Floor"  on our "My Space" page now, look for it now!

CD comp on Antennaclick to enlarge!

12.2005 HO HO HO!!!!
Happy Holi-Daze to ya!!!  We just unearthed a copy of the "It's A Mod Mod World" comp on the Antenna label (UK).  It features the original mix of "Open Your Eyes" from the Hi-Lo comp "American Heart and Soul" from years back.  Inside this ace comp is this kewl little blurb about MF in thee booklet -- click here to see!  Also - we got some promo pix back we took in Philly with Beth... click the pic below to see it bigger. . . 

click to see full size!

11.2005 CHECK IT OUT
The text from the Asbury Park Press article(s) on "Modsbury Park" are on-line here, and also a website with old images from the "Dive Daze" is being run by the Cheepskates' Dave here, look at the images link!

10.2005 THANK YOU !
Ta! To everyone who made it out to MODSBURY PARK 2, we had a blast and hope you all did too!  Looking forward to next years (already!)  Here is a link to Bill's photos from the evening.  And a'nutter one to Jim Testa's Jersey Beat blog (with a recap & yet a'nutter link to the pictures he took - see above!)  Click HERE to see the TriCityNews, (Monmouth County's Arts paper) coverage! We will post more images from this amazing night in the very near future.  Again, thanks for such a smashing turnout and great night!

9.2005 New Feature on "Lost Bands"
MOD FUN is featured (with a download of the 1st single) on the "Lost Bands" website click here to go check it out...

New  MOD FUN Interview...
Click here to read the chat with Mick on the Uppers Modsite!

(A'Nutter!) Show MOVED!...
The MODSBURY PARK #2 event had to be moved (by the venue!) -- we HAVE now confirmed OCT 1st (2 Saturdays later)  - more info here!!! 

(A'Nutter!) New Show Added!...
MOD FUN is happy to announce that the Dansettes (excellent female-fronted r&b/soul from NYC) will be joining the boys and dj Bill Luther for "MODSBURY PARK" 2! in September at The ASBURY LANES on Saturday the 17th (just about a year after thee 1st MODSBURY,) more details will follow, also MOD FUN have 3 new original tracks in pre-production along with a slew  ov cover-versions for a new release in the "planning" stages now... See you at the Philly Freakout on Sat Aug 6!!!!

New Show Announcement !...
MOD FUN is now in weekly rehearsal for the next show (we want to outdo our reunion gig from last Sept, in a big way:) so here's the scoop -- Thee "Philly Freakout" (#17) will take place in early August  at the Manhattan Room in (where else?) Philly, PA . . . 4 Garage (60's styled) acts as well as "Retro" visuals, more details will be announced here soon.  In the meantime check out the listing at our "MY SPACE" page and also hed there for free audio ov 3 MOD FUN trax on their standalone jukebox...


1.2005  Happy New Year !...
We are finishing up on that 8-track recording with the Manual Scan and Squire covers all done (came out great, if we do say so ourselves! hehe!)... also the "Modsbury Park" pix will all be up soon, check out this one in the meantime from Rob (Anderson Council) -- Also we found the following "review" from Jim Testa's (Jersey Beat) blog -- check it:

>> "My old buddy Jim DeRogatis and his wife Carmel came into town for the weekend....then on Saturday, we all went down to Asbury Park for the Mod Fun reunion.

For the uninitiated, Mod Fun were an Eighties band that, as the name implies, played mod British-influenced pop music, released a few albums and singles, and broke up rather acrimoniously in the middle of a European tour. That was 17 years ago. More recently, the trio - Mick "London" Hale on guitar and lead vocals, Bob Strete on bass, and Chris Collins on drums -had rekindled their friendship and started jamming together on some of the old songs. One thing led to another and on Saturday night, the band played together again, remarkably tight and relaxed for a band that hadn't been on stage for nearly two decades!... And then, complete with smoke machine, stage lighting, and enough paisley to poke Emma Peel's eye out, Mod Fun were back. Who knows, maybe this will lead to more gigs. The old songs certainly sounded great, and everybody - audience and band - seemed to have a great time. And besides, I'll be too old in another 17 years to see them to play again." <<

12.2004  Mod Fun Recording...
Mod Fun are currently recording some of the recent live set along with a few covers for upcoming "tribute" cds - the 1st is "I Know A Girl," by the 80's Mod band Squire, which is due out early '05 on Twist Records.  Next up is a cover for another 80's Mod icon: Manual Scan - who's Bart personally suggested "Nothing Can Be Everything," which seemed appropriate, as the M.S. best-of liner notes credit the phrase to Mod Fun's own Mick, from as it puts it "a drunken sojourn into Tijuana, Mexico!"  Hehe - we'll have some tequila for that one Bart!  Another title is by the Beatles "She Said" for a Revolver-only tribute.  We will try to post MP3 samples ov this stuff in a few weeks when done.  In the meantime check us out (w/ 3 free MP3 tracks) at Mod Fun's "my space." and if you have a page there - add us!

10.2004  Mod Fun "Live" Pictures...
The Modsbury Mod Fun reunion pix will (still) be posted soon! Sorry for the delay!  In the meantime, please visit the following link to see what the actual US Military both in and just back from Iraq are saying about it... and Bush is cutting staffing and funding to the VA! 
Operation TRUTH : Please support the military & VA !

9.2004  Mod Fun "Live" in Asbury Park...
THIS SATURDAY September 18th at the Saint, Mod Fun, The Anderson Council,
The Grip Weeds and DJ Bill Luther will turn Asbury into "MODSBURY PARK" for the weekend!!! The Saturday Live Show (18+up) will be followed up by Mick (from Mod Fun) dj-ing at MOD BOWLING on Sunday at Noon (all ages) !!! Click the pic above or following link for more info on this "East Coast Mod/60's  Event Of The Fall"   Click Here to open the Reduced Admission "E Pass" in a new window for printing... Or click the MODSBURY pass to see the full site for the 2-day event...

mf+bl 7/04
Mod "4thJuly BBQ" in Ocean Grove...
On Sunday July 4th there was yet another gathering of the band - along with Bill Luther (pictured to the right) an all vegetarian fare was grilled and enjoyed by all... discussions centered around the "good mod old daze" with plenty of bier, lager, et al.  A Big announcement on the upcoming MOD FUN live event is forthcoming... A hint: Simon Templar would "approve" ...

Pic courtesy East Coast Mod Archive (Yahoo).

LIVE ! 9.18.4

Mod Fun '04

6.2004 Mod Fun "Live Rehearsals" at Backstage...
On Sat. June 26 Mod Fun had the 2nd rehearsal within a week's time for the upcoming "live set"... yes, things are coming together for some late summer shows as we report this!!!  Accept no substitute for the reactivated MOD experience!!!  MOD FUN has taken to the next phase of practice -- to the (pro) studio & out of the confines of DAMn! Recording facility run by Mick.... 

Pics are property of - please no editing or other usage.

5.2004 Mod Fun "Make the Local Scene" Once more...
On Sat. May 1st Mick & Chris (along with Chris' wife Lyn) attended the gear fab guest dj set from Bill Luther at SMASHED BLOCKED in NYC (a once a month self described 60's Mod/Freakbeat event at RiFi on 11th Street bet. 1st & 2nd Ave)... also holding court were Mike & Rob from The Insomniacs, the NJ/NY current mod act... and Martin from the Bike Club,... could a full-fledged NJ/NY Mod Revival be imminent?... Stay tuned to this web-site to find out!!! hehe!!!

at SB nyc 5/04
Pic taken by Bill Luther and courtesy E.C. Mod Archive on Yahoo!

May 20th: updated "FAQ" s on Mod site...

4.2004 Mod Fun "Reunion!"
On April 2nd the 2nd "jamming session" for Mod Fun in about as many months took place. 

Just days befour, Get Hip Records re-issued the "Past Forward" Best Of CD.
Pictured to the right are (L-R): Chris Collins, Bob Strete ('Raw'), Mick 'London' (Hale), and John Figlar (Lord John  & who played on 3 tracks included on "Past Forward")
 was created on 4.13.4 © 2010 Kool Aid Kid/Making Tyme Music (a division of DAMn!)